Would you like a closer look? 

We understand that no matter how much a piece of jewelry speaks to your soul, you might want a closer look to make sure that it’s going to fit you perfectly and that it looks just as you imagine.

If you have been eyeing a piece and want to learn more about it, we can offer an online live consultation if you are unable to make an in-person appointment at our LA studio.


We can talk you through the piece so you can learn exactly what went into its creation, the passion behind the design plus answer any further questions you may have so you can have a greater understanding of the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into each item.



What piece are you dreaming of?


Please let us know what piece you are dreaming of and would like to discuss over a live consultation and we'll be in touch to confirm an online appointment.

* Please note we are unable to take on bespoke commissions at this time *