Brooke Gregson designs fine jewelry through the eyes of her Los Angeles, West Coast roots focused on honoring the beauty of nature’s finite gemstones. Her unique design vision is brought to life by the finest craftsmanship and ultimately the wearer themselves.

Brooke is highly respected in the world of fine, contemporary jewelry for her original creations and unmistakable use of color and craftsmanship, with all jewelry hand made in London and Los Angeles with sustainability in mind.


"It's funny when you look back and ask yourself, how did I get here?  It all of a sudden becomes very obvious, because growing up in Los Angeles, my mother literally had a terrace filled with crystals so I was exposed to the spiritual side of rocks and gems through her, and my father was a jewelry collector so that informed my love of fine jewelry.

My textile design background eventually transitioned into jewelry design - taking the tactile and textural and applying it to fine jewelry collections. Through exceptional craftsmanship and the healing power of stones my aim is to give the wearer a sense of jewelry's protective and grounding powers.

Loving unique natural gemstones means hand selecting each one for their individual fire and color and designing creations that are shaped by and honor the beauty of this finite gift from nature. "


The art of fine jewelry

We work with a small team of the finest craftspeople from metalsmiths, enamelers, setters to master engravers who are passionate about their work.

Each piece of fine jewelry is designed by Brooke and goes through multiple stages in the production process, with every hand-made step carefully considered and made entirely in London and Los Angeles.

All of these individuals together contribute their love and energy to the beauty of the final product.


Our jewelry is made with 100% recycled gold and all of our gold is recycled.

Our 18k gold jewelry is hand forged by specialist jewelers reflecting our love and respect for the process of quality craftsmanship and sustainability.

Finite and rare

Brooke hand selects each gemstone always looking for stones with unique characteristics and hidden depths of beauty that attract the intuitive wearer.

We only work with gemstone sources who are part of rated organizations such as AGTA (American Gem Trade Association) in the US and in Europe the WFBD (World Federation Diamond Bourse) who set the highest ethical standards for its members.

In keeping with our own ethos we only align with sources who have integrity and passion for their business.

Learn more about gemstones here

One-of-a-kind natural gemstones form the backbone of the Brooke Gregson aesthetic.

"That's what keeps me going.  I am focused on honoring traditional techniques, and while it is a dying art and much more labor intensive, I feel that people who appreciate my jewelry see the details with the end result being an item of beauty to be cherished."

Brooke continues to work from her studios in both Shoreditch, London and Venice, California creating fine jewelry made entirely in London and Los Angeles and stocked in fine boutiques internationally since 2006.