Ruby is one of the highest valued coloured gemstones recognised by its rich glowing colour ranging from deep red to pink. The color of ruby is its most important quality factor. The most sought after color is a strong pure red to red with a hint of blue. When the color of ruby is light is classified as pink sapphire.  Ruby is a member of the corundum group and gets its colour from chromium. Corundom that occurs in any other colour is know as sapphire.

The most important sources for ruby include Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. In 2000, new Ruby sources were discovered in Madagascar (in Vatomandry and Andilamena). These deposits turned out to be very extensive and productive, and Madagascar is now one of the leaders in Ruby output.

Legend states that he owner of a ruby is assured a life of peace and plenty. Ruby has long been attributed with the ability to protect its wearer from injury and to cure blood disorders. It is also said to provide its wearer with energy, emotional strength, positive attitude, heightened awareness and focus. In traditional Hindu belief systems, ruby is associated with Muladhara, or the base chakra. This chakra is concerned with Kundalini; spiritual energy, the power of pure desire, divine consciousness, opening of the mind and natural energy of the self.

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